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Key Features of Pattern Recognition

Key features of Pattern Recognition include the ability to identify and classify: What is it that I am seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting? What goes with it? What do I do with the information? What comes next? Pattern Recognition can be problematic for children with Sensory Processing Disorders This type of problem solving can be problematic for the child with SPD in that pattern

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Pattern Recognition Part 1

Through Ages & Stages Pattern recognition, the ability to code information by analyzing features, comparing them with memory, and predicting what is likely to happen next is an essential aspect of learning. Sometimes the information to be recognized is  presented in the  auditory mode, such as when saying and repeating  numbers from 1-10 or letters, or when singing the “Alphabet Song”.  At other times

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Visual Sequencing and Tracking Skills

Visual sequencing refers to the ability to organize images in a particular order. This skill is needed for success with reading, spelling (organizing letters in a particular order), mathematic operations, running bases in baseball, planning for moves in football, cheerleading, dancing, etc. The ability to organize visual images in any specific order begins with the ability to move the eyes from point to point

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