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Spatial Orientation – Part 3

Impacting Classroom Skills Spatial orientation may be defined as the ability to maintain the  posture of the body as  it relates to the surrounding space.  Whether the body is at rest or moving, children need to be aware of how they are positioned in the space around them.  For example, in order to be safe while moving around in a playground,  a child needs

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Spatial Orientation Part 2

According to several researchers, the position in which the body is held has an impact upon visual spatial orientation. Success in activities that involve spatial orientation are influenced by features such as head position and control of the back.  In addition, the slant of the low back is also a key feature. Children who have difficulty with coordination tend to have problems with spatial

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Visual Spatial Orientation

A key factor for self care, handwriting and math Although these basic shapes are made up of the same parts, the way in which each part is turned makes a world of difference to their  meanings and sounds of each letter. As children learn more about how objects can have different meanings depending upon how they are turned,  visual spatial orientation skills  help them

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