Evaluation and Consultation

An Occupational Therapy evaluation will help us to determine what deficits exist and how they might best be addressed.  Developmental and sensory integrative status will be examined as well.  Individualized consultation services are available to parents whose children have received services elsewhere. These services include customized home programs, on-line chats, video tape analysis of your child’s performance, discussion and correspondence with other caregivers/team members involved with your child’s care.

Both virtual and in person consultation is available.  Following the consultation you will receive a written report detailing intervention suggestions.

Our on-line services provide access to specialized consulting programs wherever the client is located. When a consult time is agreed upon, the parent receives a specific list of activities the child will need to complete during the call. The therapist observes and interacts with your child in a virtual room. After the consult, the parent receives a written list of recommendations.