An Occupational Therapy evaluation will help us to determine what deficits exist and how they might best be addressed.  Developmental and sensory integrative status will be examined as well.

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Occupational Therapy Treatment

There are a number of treatment options which we might suggest while working with your child.  These can include sensory integration, listening protocols, therapeutic exercise, or visual perceptual training.

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Both virtual and in person consultation is available.  Following the consultation you will receive a written report detailing intervention suggestions.

Sensory Based Occupational Therapy

We provide sensory based occupational therapy services for children of all ages. Our treatments include, but are not limited to the following modalities:

  • Therapeutic exercises for children with low muscle tone and incoordination
  • Therapeutic listening for children with difficulties processing language and sounds
  • Functional vision for children with visual perceptual processing disorders
  • Vestibular activation for children with deficits in postural control and balance
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home program options

Home Programs

For children who have difficulties with self-regulation, (attention, affect, activity level and arousal), we offer customized home programs and specialized instructions, complete with worksheets for parents and other caregivers to carry out at home or at school on a regular basis.

From our clients...

We were thrilled to finally find an occupational therapist that truly understands our son's disability. Renee is extremely knowledgeable in the field, and has helped our son with his sensory processing and motor planning issues. We wish we discovered her years ago.

Sincerely, Melanie

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