Seminars and Workshops

For Parents

Parent Night

Our programs for Parent Night typically review topics such as basic concepts of the various types sensory processing disorders, common intervention strategies, and recommended home programs. The programs tend to be a roundtable where questions and answers among parents, teachers and other caregivers are easily exchanged.

For Professionals

Workshops and Webinars

Renée Okoye is a regular speaker at local, state, and national conferences. She is available to present at school district and parent- teacher events. Consultation services for local training purposes are also available. Renée collaborates with host agencies to provide the following workshops for professional audiences:

  • Understanding Neuromodulation
  • Information Processing Among the Sensory Systems
  • Roadmap to Sensory Processing Intervention Strategies
  • Functional Vision Behavior
  • Overview of Listening Protocols for Therapeutic Intervention
  • Documenting Sensory Performance in an Academic Environment

Renée also provides professional webinars on Sensory Integration quarterly.  To receive a notice for the next webinar, be sure to fill out our contact form.


Upcoming Courses:

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