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Strengthening Visual Perception Skills

Intentionally incorporating vision with hand function   Visual perceptual skills do not operate in isolation.  For efficiency, the brain incorporates eye movements with neural pathways that extend to include language, vestibular, and hand function skills.  This is one of the primary reasons why many  pediatric occupational therapists provide “heavy work” movement activities for children before sitting them down at a table for hand function

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Adding Digital Task Cards

Sustained attention to task Visual Sequencing Skills We began incorporating use of digital task cards in treatment to promote increased use of Executive Functions including: Sustained attention to task Task organization Working memory Self monitoring We found the children were better able to pace their level of activity (some were under-aroused while others tended to be over-aroused) as they sustained attention to the digital

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Whole Part Relationships

Using construction puzzles to introduce whole-part relationships   When we first started this activity, the parts of the animals were assembled in total disarray.  While the child was able to match the colors, the sizes of the pieces were not in order to show that the dinosaur had an arch to his back, the legs of the alligator were assembled upside down, and the

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