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Spatial Orientation

From Handwriting to Geometry The term “spatial orientation” refers to use of vision when comparing the way in which things are turned and rotated. In terms of daily living skills, spatial orientation is the knack of being aware of how objects are turned and how they fit together.  For example, in the home this skill helps children learn which foot fits into a sneaker,

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Spatial Orientation Part 2

According to several researchers, the position in which the body is held has an impact upon visual spatial orientation. Success in activities that involve spatial orientation are influenced by features such as head position and control of the back.  In addition, the slant of the low back is also a key feature. Children who have difficulty with coordination tend to have problems with spatial

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Temporo-Spatial Orientation

Awareness of one’s position in time and space Is a vital skill needed for  safety in navigating the environment.  This concept incorporates the ability to attend to details as you move  through space, being mindful of objects found there.  Many children who have sensory processing dysfunction have deficits in this skill and tend to fall or experience  collisions as they come close to  objects. 

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