Use a swing to enrich learning skills

Parents: Because the vestibular system is one of our most primitive sensory systems, it is connected to other basic systems necessary for survival on a reflexive level. This means that your child does not even have to think about key responses when the vestibular system is activated. The vestibular reflexes serve to tie in vision, language and postural reactions on an automatic basis. This

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     Praxis: (Practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skill) Many children with sensory processing disorders show signs of “Dyspraxia” which is a form of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) affecting gross and fine motor coordination. This photo shows use of a lycra swing as one way to stimulate body awareness. The material provides for a snug fit with deep

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Using Food Crafts for Math Concepts

Researchers are now telling us what we already intuitively knew.  Namely, that children who have difficulties with spatial concepts are far more likely to have challenges in math than their peers. Building geometric shapes with grapes and toothpicks has been a favorite way to have children grasp concepts of trajectories, alignment, bottom-up models of construction, and many other visual-spatial concepts. It’s also fun!

Processing touch sensations…

Tactile processing is  the ability to detect and interpret touch sensations arising from the skin, muscles and joints.  This is a key component of body scheme, the cognitive awareness of the organization of  body parts. This is one of the largely “hidden”  senses we use in daily living skills when touch, rather than vision is used to guide our actions.  Skills such as oral

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Pet Rest

There’s an interesting use for what he’s building…