Functional Vision: Beyond 20/20

Functional vision behavior includes more than 20/20 vision.  While use of vision for reading and handwriting or keyboarding are very important, use of the eyes for self care, guiding motor moves for coordination, identifying objects in the environment and determining  how they are used, are crucial for success with  independent living skills.

Functional vision behavior can be strengthened through “play”,  by tapping into the intuitive exploratory nature of children.

Functional vision “play” needs to incorporate basic elements such as use of an image and motor moves to activate:

  • Visual discrimination (i.e. size, shape, color)
  • Visual spatial orientation (where do the pieces go? i.e. top/bottom/side)
  • Visual integration (i.e. how do the pieces fit together?)
  • Alternate methods of transporting the pieces from place to place, (i.e. incorporating discriminating use of objects in the environment to determine how these can be used for problem solving).



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