Back to School with Visual Association Skills

Many children who have Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD)  also have difficulty with Visual Association skills  (the ability to connect language with visual images).  Research using Diffusion tensor Imaging shows us that this may be due to poor connectivity of  brain pathways responsible for linking the visual cortex with the language cortex of the brain.

Pathways for Language

Fortunately, when children are young and the cortex of the brain is still under construction, remedial activities can be used to reinforce connections that are weak.  Activities that incorporate use of visual images with motor output can be very helpful in this process.  Questions by the caregiver that include “what is it?”  and “where does it go? “  help to direct the  sensory fibers  that  serve to integrate visual with  language centers.

Repetition and rehearsal within these pathways is needed to  firm wiring patterns so that the information can be processed without the “processing delays” typically seen as these youngsters struggle to integrate the data.

Other skills addressed include:

  • Developmental prehension
  • Reciprocal motor control
  • Grip strength
  • Visual motor integration
  • Visual fixations and pursuits
  • Visual spatial skills




Other activities that can be used to strengthen visual association skills include:



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